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Update your customer journey with interactive experiences

Great ways conversion-driven brands are using Tapkit flows:

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Bad Norwegian


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Little Cooks Co

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Coffee Folks

Link interactive flows to any channel

Sharing flows to your community is easy. Link flows to ad campaigns, swipe ups, newsletters, texts – wherever you are engaging with your audience today.

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Turn your viewers into active customers

With a library of mobile-culture widgets to choose from, creating something interactive, fun and engaging is easy.

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Smart personalized matches that convert

With Smart Result Frames you can personalize your CTA’s or products to best suit each and every customer. If no two people are the same, why should your advertising be?

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Deep insights from your audience

Gather insights from flow data and interactive widgets. Set sign-ups to flow straight into your Mailchimp or Klaviyo newsletter segmentations.

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Immersive video story-telling

Use the power of video to showcase your products or speak directly to your customers.

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Game-changing interactive brand experiences

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